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Science and Technology


Paul Aliotta has been fascinated by science since he was a child. Aliotta decided to pursue a degree in the sciences, specifically physics, because he knew it would be extremely challenging. Aliotta never shies away from a challenge!

Paul Aliotta attended Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Physics. From there, Aliotta went on to study at The University of New Hampshire, where he earned a Ph.D in Physics. While attending The University of New Hampshire, Aliotta wrote his thesis on “Mechanisms for Orientation in Low Energy Ion Beam Assisted TiAIN Thin Film Growth.” And during his time at Eastern Nazarene, Aliotta was awarded the Outstanding Graduate in Physics Award as well as the Freshman Physics Award. Aliotta has always excelled in the sciences, and his career reflects that.

Currently, Paul works as a Materials and Parts engineer with Assurance Technology Corporation in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. In this role, Aliotta manages projects, develops plans and coordinates testing.

Prior to this role, Aliotta worked for Raytheon Technologies as a multi-disciplined engineer.

Through Paul’s work in physics, he has acquired many skills including but not limited to research and development, project management, Plasma Etching, and materials and failure analysis. On top of that, Aliotta is highly skilled at using several types of scientific software including SRIM/TRIM, Maple, and molecular dynamics simulations.

When Paul is not working, you can find him committing time to his fitness. Recently, Aliotta was in a bodybuilding competition, organized by Mr. Natural Olympia’s John Hansen. Aliotta enjoyed the challenge very much, and says that if you want to win the competition and get lean, be prepared, it will be tough but ultimately worth it.