These days, very few things are considered impossible. Advances in science and innovation have allowed us to solve many challenges. We are familiar with some of the innovations, such as eco-friendly cars. Smaller innovations have also come forth in the 21st century, and we are noticing their impact on our lives.


With modern technology allowing us to create new things in less time, it seems that inventions constantly hit the shelves. Some of the most important inventions of the 21st century are:


1- eReaders


When eReaders first appeared, they triggered some unease in the literary community. A fear of paper books disappearing made potential buyers wary of the machines. Soon this fear disappeared, creating a new way for writers to be published and build their careers.


With the passing of time, eReaders have become a part of the bookworm’s lifestyle. They are space savers, allowing you to have a collection of stories in the palm of your hand.


2- Digital Assistants


Smartphones are designed to make life easier, but they’re not alone. Interactive speakers and screens respond to our commands. They provide information like the weather or traffic and can be used as quality speakers to hear our favorite songs. As new apps are created, digital assistants will be able to respond to more commands.


3- Online Streaming


If you have ever binge-watched a show on your laptop, you know the benefits of online streaming.


It does not only provide us with television programs; music and podcasts are delivered to our devices through the Internet. Your phone or tablet becomes a source of learning, entertainment, and distraction.


4- eCigarettes


Electronic cigarettes provide an alternative to smoking. They should be used with caution, as they are not toys. Electronic cigarettes gained popularity because of their convenience and creative assortment of flavored juices.




The world has changed drastically in a few decades. Things our grandparents never dreamed of are making our lives easier.


As the century continues and great minds develop new ideas, the barriers of space and time will disappear. Technology now allows us to connect with friends, watch our favorite movies, and keep libraries in our pockets.