Technology plays a huge role in revolutionizing the modern workplace. Leveraging different technological solutions can help to boost productivity and increase team performance. The wide range of technological solutions available out there can help your business achieve varying productivity levels. Specifically, artificial intelligence and other workplace application software can be rolled out with the objective of enhancing workplace organization. Here is an overview of how your company can benefit from modern workplace productivity tools.


Enhancing coordination


Effective communication is a must for proper team coordination and productivity in the workplace. Thanks to the wide range of communication tools and platforms available out there, your team can communicate much better through text-based as well as video-based communication systems. Communication platforms, such as Chanty, Slack, Zoom, and Tetra, are designed with some level of customization that allows different forms and methodologies of communication between teams.


Organizing workflow


In addition to communicating effectively, workflow management is necessary to ensure coordination between the different collaborating teams. Irrespective of your team numbers, enhancing coordination can help ensure proper workflow management by breaking down large projects into smaller ones for better handling and management. Collaborating tools are available in different forms and configurations, including Basecamp, Wrike, and Asana.


Time tracking tools


Time management is a crucial element of productivity and management in the workplace. Tracking the performance of a given task or responsibility against time can help make a difference when it comes to understanding your business’ most productive hours. The good thing with time tracking is that it can be achieved at different levels, including the workplace and the individual employee level. There are various time-tracking platforms available out there, including Toggl and TimeBoy.


Adding some fun


Adding some element of fun in the workplace is an exceptional way to improve productivity while reducing stress at the same time. Different companies tend to have different fun policies. However, most companies generally tend to avoid any element of fun due to the misconception that fun brings about reduced productivity. Adding some fun in the workplace doesn’t have to be complicated as it can be achieved using various platforms, including Cat Room as well as These platforms allow workers to benefit from a wide range of fun-based activities and jokes, which help to relieve tension among workers.